Glad You Asked, Episode #2: How to Use Email Encryption in an Insurance Agency

Steve answers an insurance agency question about email encryption — what is it, should an insurance agency use it, and what vendors are available.

Show notes

Every agency should be using encryption if they are sending Personally Identifiable Information (PII) within an email. Clients hate encryption: another UID and PW they have to manage, cumbersome at best.

So what are the options?

Some vendors: (Not an exhaustive list)


  1. Anna Gaylor says

    Steve, I love “Glad You Asked.” I was actually searching your website for tips on encryption for an E&O Plus Insured when I found this episode. Seems like you are always a step ahead, providing tips and insights on exactly what agencies are asking about. Thanks!

    • Steve Anderson says

      Anna, I’m so glad you like the podcast. Be sure to let me know any questions that you are receiving from agencies that I might be able to cover.

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