Glad You Asked, Episode #6: How to Manage Business Cards

Today’s question: Do you have any apps for filing business cards… or an easy way to integrate them into Outlook? I was at another company function and came back to the office with another 3-5 cards that I do not know what to do with after my 20+ year old manual “Calling Card File” is overflowing!

Business Card Apps

Apps for Smartphones

1. ABBYY Business Card Reader
IOS specifications:

  • Full Version – $4.99
  • Professional Edition – $89.99

Android specifications:

  • Free Version available
  • Full Version – $9.99

For iOS users, with the Full Version, a Professional Edition is also available. It allows unlimited data export to the Salesforce CRM (users of the regular versions need to buy a separate subscription for this feature).

The free version (for Android) is severely limited. It will save only the name and one phone number for a given contact. However, if you like the app, it is recommended to switch over to the paid version.

To capture and store a card, simply line up its edges using the on-screen guides and take a snapshot of the card. The software controls your camera’s autofocus and captures the information on the card, puts it through an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process and then gives you a chance to edit the resulting text. You can see a small window of the relevant scan area for a given field, which makes edits easier.

2. Business Card Reader
IOS specifications:

  • Full Version – $6.99

Android specifications

  • Full Version – $4.99

Business Card Reader scans (reads) the image using advanced Text Recognition Technology and enters the data into appropriate fields of the iPhone. The iOS version does look cleaner than the plain field-based Android version. It also has capable scanning and OCR skills.

3. CamCard
IOS specifications:

  • Free Version
  • Full Version – $2.99
  • iPad Version – $7.99

Android specifications:

  • Free Trial Version
  • Full Version – $11.99

CamCard offers a clean and intuitive interface, offering a rational flow to the capture and edit procedure exclusive of introducing extra touches/taps. The app enhances the card’s image by brightening the revelation and improving the card’s alignment.

The complete flexibility of CamCard, teamed with the Web module, make this app a captivating selection for your business card library.

4. FullContact Card Reader
IOS specifications:

  • Full Version – $9.99/month, $99.99/year

Android specifications:

  • Full Version – $9.99/month, $99.99/year

FullContact Card Reader turns heaps of business cards into contacts that you can use in your favorite apps. People also transcribe and verify your cards so it’s better than OCR. After that they scan business cards and import them to your CRM, Address Book or hundreds of other apps, all with a single click.

5. WorldCard Mobile
IOS specifications:

  • Full Version – $2.99

Android specifications:

  • Free Version (You can save only five scans in the first week, and one per week afterwards.)
  • Full Version – $5.99

WorldCard Mobile, the leading business card scanning application for smartphone, uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to promptly transfer data from business cards to the user’s native contacts. With a simple click of the camera, you no longer have to manually input contact info from business cards or email signatures.

Card Organizing Service for Desktops

1. ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 (for Windows)
With the ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 (for Windows), you have the ability to turn your business cards into actionable contacts within seconds. This application automatically digitizes paper business cards data and converts it into systemized contact record.

The software is created to assist professionals to increase their efficiency, raise the effectiveness of their business communications, save time and eliminate the tiresome re-typing. The application works perfect with almost any scanning device.

2. Business Card Manager (Windows)
The package merges easy-to-use interface and a very efficient search tool that permits discovering the needed data instantly. Each business card is denoted as a record in special table with the following typical features like name, address, company name etc. With this app, you have the ability to allocate all existing cards among special groups for performing more appropriate access.

The most useful attribute of Business Card Manager is the feature of sending same e-mail texts to all members of a specific group and it also helps in saving time. The app also comprises of a special reminder that helps you to remember vital conference details or anything else.

The application has very low system necessities and doesn’t need a lot of free space on your hard drive.

3. CamCard for Windows Desktop/MAC
With this app you have the ability to scan and manage all your business cards.

Take a picture of any card using phone camera, the contact info will be accepted and saved in Card Holder automatically. You can easily edit, sort and search all cards in Card Holder. By signing up, you are able to sync cards across smartphones, tablets, and the web app in real-time.

Use of the Evernote Business Card Option

Since February 7, 2015, Evernote Hello (the native support for organizing business cards) has been discontinued. But with the Evernote, you can still manage your contacts. Like Evernote Hello, it scans and promptly captures data from business cards, adds details from LinkedIn and lets you search and recall contacts on any of your devices.

Business card scanning is available on Evernote for Android and iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This service is free if your Evernote is associated to your LinkedIn account.

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