Glad You Asked, Episode #7: Managing Passwords

In this episode, Steve addresses the best way for any organization to manage a large number of User IDs and Passwords. Program notes: Use whatever is built into your agency management system. Transformation Station – Applied Systems TransactNow – Vertafore platforms But, this is primarily for insurance company websites. Now what about all of the […]

Glad You Asked, Episode #6: How to Manage Business Cards

Today’s question: Do you have any apps for filing business cards… or an easy way to integrate them into Outlook? I was at another company function and came back to the office with another 3-5 cards that I do not know what to do with after my 20+ year old manual “Calling Card File” is […]

Glad You Asked, Episode #5: Building a Great Agency Website

In this episode, I talk with Jeff Teschke about how any agency can create, develop, and maintain an effective website. Resources Inspectlet Agency User Reviews Websites Agency User Reviews WordPress Design Forge3 Clickable Coverage

Glad You Asked, Episode #4: Video Conference Programs

In this episode Steve addresses the question of what video conference program an agency should agency use. Question: Much more of our business is on a national platform now and we would like our clients/prospects to be able to see us when talking on the phone. The problem is we want this to be as […]

Glad You Asked, Episode #3: Niche Focused Agency Management Systems

In this episode Steve addresses the question of how to choose the best agency management system for an agency with a niche market focus. Show notes Niche agencies have a harder time finding the right agency management system. Most traditional agency management systems are based on ACORD forms and data standards. Best features for a […]

Glad You Asked, Episode #2: How to Use Email Encryption in an Insurance Agency

Steve answers an insurance agency question about email encryption — what is it, should an insurance agency use it, and what vendors are available. Show notes Every agency should be using encryption if they are sending Personally Identifiable Information (PII) within an email. Clients hate encryption: another UID and PW they have to manage, cumbersome […]

Glad You Asked, Episode #1: Why I’m Starting This Podcast

I constantly receive questions via email from various insurance industry people as well as from the Big I Virtual University Ask an Expert Service. My hope is this Glad You Asked Podcast will allow me to answer your insurance technology questions in a format where I can provide more details and explanations than I would […]